Bed Bugs are Biting the Betting Sites

Last week I was checking one of the sections at my favorite sports betting site, and came across somthing very funny. Yeah! Literally, people have started betting on bed bugs! As, bed bugs are torturing millions around the world, WHO (World Health Organization) is discussing whether or not to declare bed bugs Pandemic. And the bookies have taken bets as, 1/50 that the WHO will not declare that bed bugs are pandemic by the end of next year, and offering odds of 10/1 that WHO is much interested in declaring it.

So, the best thing about the whole thing is that the US government has decided to declare a Bed Bug Pandemic Response Plan! Only in America. I couldn’t find any funny bed bug jokes (maybe coz they’re not funny!) except this groanable one:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?

Donalette who?