Betfair Moving To Ireland

It leaves one to wonder what is in store for the UK gambling revenue as more and more online gambling companies are migrating to other nations that provide better conditions for operations. The newest online gambling company to join the list of migrants is Betfair, as it has been announced that it will be forming its customer operations base in Ireland. That’s grand!

Betfair is one among the largest online gambling providers of the world and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. More than 2,000 people from all over the world work for Betfair to provide excellent service to its three million users who are registered with them. More job opportunities are expected to be created by this move and an estimated one hundred new jobs are to be created in Dublin. The new customer operations team in Ireland will be joined by a new data center.

According to the Chief Executive David, Ireland is termed to be an attractive choice for online companies. He also stated that they are content to make such a good investment. Many major UK companies including Betfair are going through a tough time with the British government and the issue that is adding fuel to the situation is the notorious 10 percent tax that the government is charging for horse racing.

According to last month’s report Betfair had its options open to move its operations to Gibraltar following the move of William Hill, Betfair’s long time rival British online gambling operator. Gibraltar is being considered as the best place to set up base by many online companies as the overall profit tax is just three percent here, compared to the fifteen percent tax that British government is charging companies in the UK. The mid of 2010 saw William Hill move its online betting services and online fixed-odds games to Gibraltar and it looks like many more are following the same path.