Casino Village Planned In Ireland

Hi my fellow Irish gamblers. Did you know that the new developments in County Tipperary, the sixth largest county in Ireland, will include a casino, a race course and a concert showground.

The Irish have plans for paramount new entertainment industries in County Tipperary that will feature a casino, a race course for sports bettors and a replica of the White House. A group of endowed Irish businessmen want to construct the resort, which also features a vast concert arena and has been nicknamed ‘Ireland’s Las Vegas’, near the village of Two-Mile Borris or Buiríos Léith in Irish.

This development is estimated for approximately €460 million and is considered the invention of Dublin-based slot machine mogul Richard Quirke, but has been supported by former Irish Government Minister Michael Lowry. The start up plans for the 800 acre development will be presented to North Tipperary County Council for further approval and initiation.

According to one of Northern Ireland’s new portals, the Belfast Telegraph, there is a lot of local eagerness surrounding the new project but it remains unclear whether it will be given the green signal by the local officials.

The White House is planned to stand as the centerpiece and main attraction of the resort and will be named after the great Irish architect, James Hoban, who was responsible for designing the US president’s official residence in Washington DC. That’s quite interesting. Us Irish are influencing the world.