Football Betting Scandal

Three players from the Limavady United team have been given lengthy bans after their involvement in a football betting scandal was revealed, in which they were all found guilty of betting on one of their Championship One matches. They bet on their team losing against Dergview – and with the final score 2-0 in Dergview’s favour, a bookmaking firm reported irregular betting activity from the three.

We already know that sports gambling in Ireland is popular, but the three players took it too far by breaking the Irish Football Association rules – which clearly state that players are not permitted to place bets on a game when it involves their own club. They were subject to an IFA probe and were suspended by Limavady as soon as the investigation began, with vice chairman of the club David Brewster revealing that they had informed players of the IFA rules on betting.

“A club representative had to attend the disciplinary hearing with the three players,” said Brewster.”We were able to show that we had complied with our obligations in informing players what they were and what they were not allowed to do. The club was exonerated.”

Trevor Parkhill, Richard Close and Laurence McCormick are the three who broke the rules, and they have each been penalised: Defender Close and goalkeeper McCormick were found to have brought the game into disrepute and to have improperly sought to influence the outcome of a game, for which they have been banned until the 1st of January 2014 and the 1st of February 2014 respectively. Striker Parkhill was found to have brought the game into disrepute only, and was banned until the 1st of October 2013. While these bans may not seem lengthy enough to some, they are sure to have an impact on their long term careers: Close has already left the club and both McCormick and Parkhill have their amateur contracts running out in May, so it may well be that they find themselves looking very hard for a place in another team. With Limavady currently running ninth in the second tier of Irish League football, this could be a great opportunity that they have thrown away.

Student Poker 2013

If you are a student and you want to get your hands on some real poker prize money, then you ought to take a look at the details of Paddy Power’s student poker 2013 tournament which will be coming up in March. Known as the Student Masters, this is a great chance for players to get necessary practice, win some real money, and go onto to better things if they are able to succeed. There are a few changes this year to the popular tournament from its previous format, so check the details carefully if you have entered before.

The whole event will take place over one weekend at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin and then the Jackpot Casino on the final day. The action will start at 2pm on Saturday March 2nd, with a cut off time of 2am, allowing a twelve hour break for participants to take a rest until it resumes at 2pm on Sunday. The prize pool once again contains an entry to the Irish Open, which means that the winner will go on to represent the students at one of the world’s oldest poker tournaments at Easter.

You can bet that any Irish gambling blog will be there to see the action unfold, and also to herald the next winner – who knows what kind of professional they could go on to become? In the opinion of this poker, it is about time we saw some Irish names climbing the ranks of the WSOP, taking a few titles away from the US players who seem to dominate it so much. Qualification rounds have already begun, and there are three ways to get yourself into this tournament: if you do not fancy paying the entry fee, then you can get free seats on the last Sunday of every month between now and the 24th of February 2013 in the Student Masters freerolls, so keep your eye out for that. You can make the buy in right now if you want to, and you can also win a seat every Monday night in tournaments.

Know your slots paytables

Slots are one of the easiest casino games in existence today. There are no skills or strategies involved and the rules are as simple as the ABC’s.  But no matter how easy they are to play, to a new player the slots paytables are going to look like gibberish. Now not being able to understand the slots paytables isn’t going to stop anyone from playing the slots, but when you know how to read the paytables, you actually know what’s going on in the game. So for your reading pleasure Irish Gambling Blog will take a quick look at what you need to know about slots paytables. Continue reading

InterCasino Rugby Bonus Scrum

The 2011 Rugby World Cup has kicked off in New Zealand and so has the awesome new rugby style events at InterCasino. InterCasino is featuring two new events of which one is the Bonus Scrum where players can work their way to some huge winnings. The Bonus Scrum will be played over seven weeks starting on September 9 and going all the way to October 23. The first four weekends will have four Pools. Each pool consists of five teams and five different bonuses. You can claim one or all the bonuses and you after you claim a bonus you will be taken to the Quarter Finals. Continue reading

Lucky Last slot game

This is your one chance to get your hands on that huge pot of gold that the Leprechauns are hiding. With a little luck of the Irish you should do well on the Lucky Last slot game. This interesting Leprechaun themed slot game is powered by RTG so you know you are in for some real slot gaming fun. The Lucky Last slot game has grouped wilds on reels 1 and 5 and thy double your wins if they appear in a winning combination. Continue reading

Welcome Irish Gamblers

This blog speaks about the trends of the gambling industry in Ireland. The value of gambling in Ireland reaches €3 billion per year even though commercial gambling is illegal in Ireland.

The Betting Act of 1931 regulates the gambling industry in Ireland. It is also important to note that Ireland is the only country in the EU which does not have specific laws for Casinos.

Recent developments which will be discussed in this blog show a positive sign in the development of the European online casinos industry, especially in Ireland.

Paddy Power to send lead marketing man Down Under

To stay one step ahead of the negative vibe surrounding Australia’s Sportsbet, Paddy Power has decided to send their lead marketer Barni Evans to the land Down Under. He will take over as the Marketing Director at two of Paddy Power’s Australian operations, Sportsbet and International All Sports. Evans, who has handled a few of Paddy Power’s advertising campaigns during his 10-year stint with the company, is no stranger to the world of marketing. Continue reading

Irish Gambling Reform Stagnant

Minister of justice Alan Shatter still not impressed. After a long six months the necessary gambling reforms in Ireland are far from complete, it is reported in the Irish press this week. It is widely considered that laws regarding both internet gambling and land based casino gambling, are out of date. If passed, this reform is expected to bring a staggering 13,000 additional jobs and pump as much as Euro 300 million into the economy in the form of tax revenues. Continue reading