Dangling A Carrot For Ireland

The Irish Government is in for some rough weather over the next months, as the country makes some authoritative moves towards regulating or banning of certain parts of the global gambling industry. At this juncture, Ireland is in a state of uncertainty as to what should be done, and whether the laws suffice to hold back Irish online casinos out of the market. However, speculation in the Irish market denotes that the country could profit from a huge rush of nearly 8000 jobs, in the event of the government updating gambling laws to permit foreign gambling companies to exist in the Emerald Isle. Though the number 8,000 may look a little far-fetched, there is definitely a huge potential for jobs in the country.

Fundamentally, to create that many jobs in the Irish market, Ireland has to give a face-lift to online casino gambling laws, and then take a portion of roughly 5% of the global internet gaming market. If Ireland revamps its gambling laws and permits online casinos to function out of the country coupled with a favorable taxation structure, then Ireland would prove an ideal launching point for UK facing gaming sites.

The fact remains that new online casino gambling laws are still going through the government, considering that the last laws regarding online gambling were passed way back in 1956, and this was well before the introduction of the Internet in the 1990s. Many Irish lawmakers are of the opinion that it is high time that the officials take a stand either way, and then support it till the end until implementation, as the current indecisive situation was not taking anyone anywhere.