Gambling Movies

Movies about gambling and casinos have always had a good run at the box office. The intricacies of gambling games, the glitz and glamour of the casino and the dark side of the industry have always captivated audiences. But not all gambling movies can actually help you learn how to play the casino game. The movie 21 may have showed you a lot about blackjack, but you can’t really figure out how to use the strategies from the movie. To actually learn to play a certain casino game you need to understand the rules, the bets and the strategies and all this can’t be accommodated into a movie that runs for about an hour and a half. There are lots of instructional videos out there that give you an immense amount of information about casino games. One of the most popular ones is the Poker For Dummies gambling movie. This instructional video is great for beginners as well as advanced player who want to improve their skills. Poker for Dummies offers detailed instructions on different types of games, including Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold’em, and tips from professional players. Howard Lederer – Secrets of Texas Limit Hold ‘Em is another popular gambling movie where the legendary poker player Howard Lederer shares his secrets about the methods and the drive you need to excel in poker. There are so many other types of gambling movies that you can watch which are either instructional or Hollywood style films, but gives these 3 gambling movies a try and see if they can help you with gambling. A great website resource for gambling movies is Casino Videos managed by Tube Casino.