Golden Palace Casino Buys Biebers Bangs

Justin Bieber is currently more popular than the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. The very famous Golden Palace online casino finally managed to lay its hands on the teen singer’s lock of hair after heavy bidding. All this took place on the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres and the final winning bid was a hair raising $40,668! This amount is more than the amount a bag of Elvis Presley’s hair received in 2009. Grand?

Well, all this started when the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted that she would like a clump of Justin Bieber’s hair for her birthday. The birthday girl’s wish came true when the teen pop star paid her a surprise visit during one of her shows. Ellen DeGeneres was presented with a box containing a lock of his hair with was also signed by him. Proceeds from the auction is going to be used for a good cause and the organisation that is to benefit from this is the California bases Gentle Barn Foundation that is doing an excellent job in caring for abused farm animals and at risk, inner city and special needs kids. It is not often that non-profit organisations like this get a helping hand that it very much deserves.

But who said raising money for a good cause cannot get weird. With a lot of help from Golden Palace and its global reach and market presence more than $1million has been raised for charitable causes. But however the item that went under the hammer can easily make you uneasy. Beckham Ball and Pope Benedict XVI’s used VW Golf is all right but what do you say to TV star William Shatner’s Kidney Stone? Well, all I can say is no more auctions for me for a while. Hey, but good for Justin Bieber and the organisation that is going to benefit from the auction.