Hand Of Henry Cheats Irish

How do you think the Irish football players and supporters after last nights game must have felt once the final whistle was blown? Outrage, anger, scandal… I can imagine all of those and some other words too that I won’t mention on this blog!

If you missed out on what happened last night with all the controversy, then here it is in a nutshell…

Ireland were leading 1-0 (1-1 on aggregate) in extra time and heading for penalties, when they conceded a free kick. The ball was floated behind the defence (which was also off-side) where Henry controlled the ball twice with his hand before flicking to Galls, who then went onto to score the winning goal! France were then leading 2-1 overall and on their way to South Africa for the World Cup. What an outrage!

I never thought Henry was that type of player. He always played fair when he was in England with Arsenal, so it was quite shocking to see him do what he did last night. Players like him and Maradona (hand of G-d) will always be remembered as cheats, even though they are/were such amazing footballers with skill and flair.
This is what Henry had to say for himself…

“I will be honest it was a handball but I’m not the referee. “I told (Richard) Dunne and he said the same to me, ‘you’re not the ref’. That’s why the players did not come to me, that’s why they went to the referee. You can clearly see the opportunity. Sebastien Squillaci went to jump for the ball with two Irish players and I’m behind him. The next thing I know the ball hit my hand, my arm even. It was right in front of me, I played it. The ref allowed it and that’s a question you should ask him.”

Do you think the game should be replayed? I definately think so! But you know FIFA won’t allow it… they have one of their big teams now in the World Cup.