Introduction To Irish Gambling

Gambling whether online or at a land based casino can be great and quiet an enjoyable way to spend your time provided you have a decent bankroll to do it. Gambling can be very exciting, interesting, and most importantly you get to learn new things and meet new people while making money. Online casinos or land based casinos are two ways you can gamble. However, there are a certain amount of advantages and disadvantages for both that I won’t be going into right now. But I am going to say the ultimate decision is yours and what is best of you.

Speaking of gambling and casinos, the first place you would think of is wagering in Las Vegas or Atlantic City in the USA. Truly there are some of the greatest casinos standing on the face of this earth across the Atlantic ocean from you, but did you know there are hell a lot of casinos in Ireland? Now that’s the trip I am taking you on.

Since this is my first article about Ireland and its casino life… I would like to geographical paint a picture of Ireland to those who have not been there. First off, Ireland comes from the name of the Celtic goddess, Ériu or Éire. The Republic of Ireland is situated in North Western Europe and one of its largest cities (and personally my favorite, because that’s where I live) is Dublin. The other well known Irish cities include: Galway, Cork and Belfast (further up North). Phew! Now since that’s done c’mere and read about what I have to write about casinos in Ireland.

The Irish love gambling, be it at casinos, sports or absolutely anything at all. There are huge casinos with some of the best and newest games offered for any kind of player. Some of the best casinos in Ireland are 78 Club, Amusement City Casino, Emerald Casino, Breaks Casino and the Collosus Casinos and Sporting Club.
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