Irish Gambling Giant Sponsors Church Confessional

This is going to surprise a few of you… an online gambling company will sponsor a church confessional! This Irish gambling company, Paddy Power, and the church congregation are really happy about the partnership and they all think it is a great way for the church to grow it’s relationship with the local people of the community.

What this deal means is that the Irish company Paddy Power will give $15,000 to the Our Lady and St. Etheldreda Church in Suffolk, a town in th United Kingdom. In the confessional box there will be Paddy Power branding. This is really strange.

Obviously, Paddy Power wants to push it’s brand, but I really thought that strong Christians thought badly about gambling. Well according to Mark Hackeson, the spokesman for the church in Suffolk, said ‘there is nothing morally wrong with gambling, as long as it doesn’t deprive people from what is necessary to take care of themselves and others.’ Usually churches raise money through raffles and I guess that can be considered a form of gambling.

Well there you go… you surprised now?