Irish Gambling Reform Stagnant

Minister of justice Alan Shatter still not impressed. After a long six months the necessary gambling reforms in Ireland are far from complete, it is reported in the Irish press this week. It is widely considered that laws regarding both internet gambling and land based casino gambling, are out of date. If passed, this reform is expected to bring a staggering 13,000 additional jobs and pump as much as Euro 300 million into the economy in the form of tax revenues.

Dermot Ahern, the former Minister of Justice, submitted his conclusions last December. These include a licensing and regulative framework for small-scale casinos providing they operate as members’ clubs. Mr Ahern’s findings also propose the building of a framework of legislation dedicated to the establishing of registered land casinos, with the stipulation they contain no more than 15 gaming tables, and approximately three times this figure in the form of gaming machines.

The report entitled “Options for Regulating Gambling” also touches upon the issue of licensing online betting and goes as far as to suggest that the ban on fixed-odds betting terminals, which offer casino games, is enforced. The current minister of justice, however, is still on the fence. A spokesman recently commented that the review “being worked on under an entirely objective basis to establish a modern legal framework with the purpose of regulating gambling, whilst taking into account the many guises of gambling, both online and offline.”