Lars Torngren shines at the Irish Poker Festival 2010

It was no walk in the park for this year’s Irish Poker Festival winner as the competition was fierce. The new proud winner to be inducted into the Irish Poker Festival winner’s list is this years Lars Torngren of Sweden. He had to show what he was made of at the final table that was occupied mostly by Irish poker players.

But this second chip leader who made it to the final table walked away with the winning prize of €75,000 out of the €316,000 pool prize. Lars joined the table with 1.7million chips as the second chip leader behind Jon Kalmer of UK, who started with 1.81 million chips. The final 10 players including Jon Kalmer were Valerie McGrath with 800k, another UK player Richard Connoly with 360k joined by Paul Lucey with 402k, Allen McClean came with 720k, 1 million was the chip carried by Mark Coyne, Barry McGleenon with 1.5 million, Brian Murphy with 680k and Paul Vermigo with 564k. Well, it was no easy win for the Swede as he had to sweat it out till the end. The second spot was clinched by Lucey who walked away with €50,000 with McGleenon following in the third spot with €30,000. The festival saw a great raise in the number of attendants this year compared to last year. Nick Moran was one of the celebrities who attended this star studded festival. Nick showed his skills, and hit a trip 10’s holding k-10 but unfortunately his opponent was holding an A-K. Nick Moran has been taking lessons from Jon ‘Skalie’ Kalmer and he did make him proud with his impressive performance. Nick Moran said that he was absolutely delighted for his Poker mentor Skalie and added that he deserved the €20k.”