Dangling A Carrot For Ireland

The Irish Government is in for some rough weather over the next months, as the country makes some authoritative moves towards regulating or banning of certain parts of the global gambling industry. At this juncture, Ireland is in a state of uncertainty as to what should be done, and whether the laws suffice to hold back Irish online casinos out of the market. However, speculation in the Irish market denotes that the country could profit from a huge rush of nearly 8000 jobs, in the event of the government updating gambling laws to permit foreign gambling companies to exist in the Emerald Isle. Though the number 8,000 may look a little far-fetched, there is definitely a huge potential for jobs in the country. Continue reading

Rugby Reactors Offered For 2010 Six Nations Championship

You might be familiar with the European Six Nations Rugby Championships comprising of Ireland, France, England, Scotland, Italy and Wales which started recently and it is being played at various venues across Europe. To commemorate this historic game Paddy Power has taken the initiative to launch an all new arcade game featuring the top rugby players of this year’s game. Some of the names include Sebastien Chabal from France and Jonny Wilkinson from England. Continue reading

Paddy Power offering Conan O’Brien odds

The top bookmaker Paddy Power Sportsbook is presenting short odds of 2/1 that Conan O’Brien will resign as host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” before June 2010.

O’Brien, who took over hosting the show from Jay Leno last year, is not pleased with the networks decision to shift the program to an after-midnight schedule making way for the return of the Jay Leno Show. Continue reading

Upcoming Irish Poker Events

2010 is going to be studded with poker events in Ireland. PokerStars is sponsoring the new UK Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT). Organizers have announced that the tour is meant to suit all types of players. There will be 9 events in all, three in Ireland, one in Scotland and five in England. The buy-ins will range from £500+ 50 to £5,000 +250 at the tour finale. Continue reading

Casino Village Planned In Ireland

Hi my fellow Irish gamblers. Did you know that the new developments in County Tipperary, the sixth largest county in Ireland, will include a casino, a race course and a concert showground.

The Irish have plans for paramount new entertainment industries in County Tipperary that will feature a casino, a race course for sports bettors and a replica of the White House. A group of endowed Irish businessmen want to construct the resort, which also features a vast concert arena and has been nicknamed ‘Ireland’s Las Vegas’, near the village of Two-Mile Borris or Buiríos Léith in Irish. Continue reading

Hand Of Henry Cheats Irish

How do you think the Irish football players and supporters after last nights game must have felt once the final whistle was blown? Outrage, anger, scandal… I can imagine all of those and some other words too that I won’t mention on this blog!

If you missed out on what happened last night with all the controversy, then here it is in a nutshell… Continue reading

Irish Luck Slot

If you are looking for a little luck in a casino game then Irish Luck slot has plenty of it! The gorgeous Shamrock Lady appears briefly before the reels come to life on the screen. The other lucky icons are the Celtic Knot, Horseshoe, Harp, Claddagh Ring and Shamrock including high value cards from Nine to Ace that have been shaped in the form of shamrocks. The most exciting feature is the Gold Pot, which each of you will hope to end up with. Continue reading

Introduction To Irish Gambling

Gambling whether online or at a land based casino can be great and quiet an enjoyable way to spend your time provided you have a decent bankroll to do it. Gambling can be very exciting, interesting, and most importantly you get to learn new things and meet new people while making money. Online casinos or land based casinos are two ways you can gamble. However, there are a certain amount of advantages and disadvantages for both that I won’t be going into right now. But I am going to say the ultimate decision is yours and what is best of you. Continue reading