Rugby Reactors Offered For 2010 Six Nations Championship

You might be familiar with the European Six Nations Rugby Championships comprising of Ireland, France, England, Scotland, Italy and Wales which started recently and it is being played at various venues across Europe. To commemorate this historic game Paddy Power has taken the initiative to launch an all new arcade game featuring the top rugby players of this year’s game. Some of the names include Sebastien Chabal from France and Jonny Wilkinson from England.

The game is called Rugby Reactors and you can access this game exclusively their website Paddy Power. The game requires you to collect a group of animated rugby champion’s symbols which if you do and it is matched up with the winning combination, you will win hard cash for real. The payouts vary according to the match of the collection you have. If you have a larger number of Rugby champions in your collection you may be eligible for a higher payout. The current accumulated payout is worth about £140,000 and it is all up for grabs so why don’t give it a shot while it lasts. You might be a winner if you get 7 matching players together or 7 of Martin Castrogeovannis.

All enthusiasts of the European Six Nations Rugby Championship games can enjoy playing this impressive online arcade-style game just for fun or get familiar with the players and the game itself. Siobhan O’Donoghue of Paddy Power is all excited about the Rugby Reactors; he feels fans of European Rugby will find it useful and entertaining while serving as a tribute to the real game itself.

Com’n Ireland!!!