Golden Palace Casino Buys Biebers Bangs

Justin Bieber is currently more popular than the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. The very famous Golden Palace online casino finally managed to lay its hands on the teen singer’s lock of hair after heavy bidding. All this took place on the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres and the final winning bid was a hair raising $40,668! This amount is more than the amount a bag of Elvis Presley’s hair received in 2009. Grand? Continue reading

Irish Luck for Leprechaun Luck slot winner

The saying that goes “the luck of the Irish” rang true when Glenn P won a progressive jackpot of $96,466 on the Irish themed online slot machine Leprechaun Luck. The slot game has 5 reels and 31 paylines and the game was launched on St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps a reason that added even more luck to Glenn’s game that day. The game included symbols such as shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold and all other things that you can associate with Leprechauns. The online slot game also includes double wild symbols a cauldron bonus and even a very exciting bonus game. Continue reading

Dangling A Carrot For Ireland

The Irish Government is in for some rough weather over the next months, as the country makes some authoritative moves towards regulating or banning of certain parts of the global gambling industry. At this juncture, Ireland is in a state of uncertainty as to what should be done, and whether the laws suffice to hold back Irish online casinos out of the market. However, speculation in the Irish market denotes that the country could profit from a huge rush of nearly 8000 jobs, in the event of the government updating gambling laws to permit foreign gambling companies to exist in the Emerald Isle. Though the number 8,000 may look a little far-fetched, there is definitely a huge potential for jobs in the country. Continue reading